Palo Santos & Sage Set

Closet Cure

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Palo Santos & Sage Set

White Sage 4" - Used to cleanse energy 

Palo Santos 4"- "Holy Wood" used to cleanse and purify energy

Sage Burning & Palo Santos Instructions:

 Light the bundle/wood from the top end or crush the sage leaves, put them on a burning charcoal tablet inside of a caldron or charcoal burner. Make sure everything is stored in a safe place.

To cleanse your home start by opening windows or patios doors. Began at your front door and start to move clockwise with your bundle, caldron, or charcoal burner. As you move around go in each room continue to move clockwise in each room, you should continue to do this until you make it back around to your front door to close it off. While you’re walking you can state any affirmation or mantra such as “please remove any energy that does not belong in this home, replace it with positive manifesting energy, bring peace in this home, bring in more love in this home, bring in happiness in this home, etc. the goal is to make sure you hit all corners of the home. Happy Cleansing!

To cleanse your aura start at your crown chakra and work your way down to your root chakra, don’t forget to do the bottom of your feet!


*Keep out of reach of children, pets, & flammable materials.