Money Jars

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Money Jars

Do you need to manifest some money ? If so these money jars will surely bring the exact abundance you’re seeking. Make sure your intentions are clear and strong before lighting. If you haven’t done any kind of candle magic I suggest you grab our ebook “Candle Magic 101” 

This bundle comes with a 3oz jar full of money making herbs & a green candle. 

Instructions are as follows: 

First set your intentions, write them down.

Next, cleanse your space using sage, palo santos, or Florida water.

Fold your intentions towards you and place under the jar. Place your candle in the jar, say an prayer. 

Lastly, you’re going to write in your your ancestor money “to my ancestors known and unknown” burn it in a caldron or glass bowl. After that it’s time to light your candle, do not blow it out let it burn. After the burn is complete place your intentions in the jar and store it in safe place. 

Happy Manifesting 💫🤑