About Us



Closet Cure holds space beyond spiritual guidance and resources. It's unique techniques and tools for spiritual and emotional healing offer patrons far more than smudging and mantras.

 Enduring difficult bouts of depression and trauma, from a tumultuous upbringing; Closet Cure's owner  Neli brings her personal insight into this space. 

 In the ascension to her higher self, Neli discovered her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and empathic abilities; becoming so grounded in her gifts, she could even communicate with spirits in other realms. This proved to be even more special as a professor of hers was brought to near tears from a message Neli communicated from a loved one in the past.

 It was in these works and experiences that Closet Cure was born. Closet Cure is a labor of pure essence and authenticity. It is through this platform that Neli shares her experiences and wisdom with others, offering tools and resources to those in need on their journey towards healing. 

On our paths, we  tend to bury unwanted skeletons and wounds in our own proverbial closets. Come and release with the Closet Cure.